Octopus a good eat at Opa!

October 12, 2015
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

Octopus a good eat at Opa!

Davion Smith

Star Writer

Trying new things for some is really exciting, but, for others, it's terrifying - especially with food.

Unique Eats has been touring the country to find and try non-traditional foods, just to warm up your taste buds. At our first stop, we sampled an eight-tentacle chow which was hard on the mind but easy on the palette - the octopus.

When we visited Opa! on Hope Road, we walked straight into Greece. We heard the accent, experienced the culture and, of course, had the food.

I have always been a fan of traditional foods, burger, chicken, fries etc, so when I heard that I would be trying octopus and dolma, I was more than a bit skeptical.

a bit about Dolma

For first timers like myself, let me tell you a bit about Dolma. Dolma is pre-cooked rice stuffed into grape leaves which are dipped it olive oil. It tasted like callaloo but the flavours transformed once the Dolma was dunked into the complementary dip. I enjoyed it immensely, but, it was the octopus that I was looking forward to.

Alexx Antaeus, the owner of Opa! was more than welcoming and even gave me a brief history on the location. I was anticipating the grilled octopus with a side of pita bread and I was not disappointed.

Once the waiter stepped into the room with the meal, for a brief moment, I forgot octopus was being served. The aroma smelled like jerk and certainly, the familiar smell eased the tension. Taking the first bite was the hard part but I quickly got into it. The taste and texture of the meat was nothing that was

expected. The octopus wasn't rubbery like its appearance.

According to Antaeus, when preparing it, they beat the octopus to tenderise it. It is then boiled with vinegar and wine corks. The wine corks are used to absorb any unpleasant flavours. Octopus has its own unique flavour which is as enjoyable as any other seafood.

The octopus was adequately seasoned, grilled to perfection, and beautifully served. As for the environment in Opa!, we believe the waterfall in the centre of the restaurant was classy and as unique as the food.

Having octopus was new but tasty. You don't have to take Unique Eats' word for it, stop by Opa! and give it a try. And while at the restaurant, celebrate like the Greeks - request to break a few plates and exclaim, Opa!

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