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October 20, 2015

G.D. writes from MoBay. He has broken his penis and must do surgery. The problem occurred during vigorous sex. His penis missed the vagina. He asks how common this occurs and is surgery the only option?

When an erect penis is accidentally traumatised or bent laterally beyond a maximal amount, a tissue inside the penis called the Tunica Albuginea can be torn and can be heard popping. Aggressive masturbation can also cause similar injuries. Signs of a broken penis:

- Swollen penis, curved, bruised and angled towards one side

- Pain in penis

- Red stain to skin of penis

- Hearing a popping sound at the time of the injury

With the potential to injure the urethra through which urine transverses, other symptoms are:

- Burning with urination

- Blood in the urine

- Inability to pass urine

- Blood seen at the entrance to the urethra (penile meatus)

- Swelling of the scrotum with blood

The appearance of a broken (fractured) penis is called an eggplant deformity referring to the penile swelling, discolouration and deviation of the penis to the side opposite the fracture. Treatment can sometimes be medical, though surgery is often necessary.

A cold compress should be applied to the broken penis to reduce swelling and pain, after which penis splints and bandages can be applied. Antibiotics are given to avoid infection. Oestrogen hormone is sometimes given to prevent erection while the penis heals. Pain killers are also used and anti-clotting medications or injections taken for a time to prevent formation of blood clots.

Surgery is often done to repair the tear and any injury to the urethra (urine tract) and to avoid further complications.

Prevention of a broken penis involves avoiding any sex position that causes too much bending to the tool. Penile fracture is considered a medical emergency and surgical repair is the usual treatment.

Delays can cause increased complications. Non-surgical management result in 10 to 50 per cent complication rates, problems with urination, permanent penile curvature, and pain during sex. It often depends on the experience of the surgeon. Operative treatment has a complication rate of 11 per cent.

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