How to exercise with physical injury


October 26, 2015

The human body is amazing; it repairs itself! All we are required to do for it to operate well is look after it by: fuelling with good nutrition, doing regular exercise, and attaining optimal rest. However, if we neglect the above, it will still adapt in order to operate.

Similar to physical injury or disability, this should not prevent us from looking after our body but finding alternative ways to care for it.

Injury is sometimes unavoidable, however, it shouldn't be an excuse for us to discontinue exercise.

Some medical doctors advise not to train when injured because of the risk of worsening the injury. Having experience in sports rehabilitation, we can adopt a style of training commonly known as adaptive training. This is working within a threshold that is pain free with gradual developments in the exercises used.

Movement is medicine and we should always make it a priority to exercise. Some forms of adaptive training may involve movement under water as this allows the body to freely get into certain positions that it wouldn't be able to on dry land.

For example, if you develop a shoulder injury, of course, seek medical advice and find out exactly what is wrong with the shoulder. However, you could always train your lower body in the meantime.

You have to listen to your body, learn the restrictions that you have, and develop exercises around those problems so we achieve a good level of movement in our daily lifestyle.

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