Lets get rid of obesity!


November 09, 2015

Obesity is having excess body fat which could cause a negative effect on a person's health.

This can shorten a person's life or reduce the quality of life that they may have or want. This is on the increase in most countries due to various factors; some include consuming too much processed foods and lack of exercise.

In this article, I will be focusing on the reasons that aren't often highlighted as the motives for being fat. Eating too little can result in the body storing excessive fat. persons often associate fat issues with consuming too much food, but it's not always so. Eating too little can cause what we call metabolic damage. This normally happens when you put yourself through serious calorie-restricting diets or lose weight too quickly. This puts the body in a state where it becomes very difficult for the scales to ever move again. The only way to correct this is by eating more, along with specific foods and exercise.

We've seen a steady growth in 5k runs by various organisations; this is good to motivate persons to start an exercise programme. Although this kind of low-level exercise isn't the best alternative for getting the best body composition goals or losing weight, it is still a start in exercising and moving forward to more stringent, weight-loss exercises.

Doing the wrong type of exercise can result in no fat loss; different kinds of exercise regimes takes a different toll on the body's ability to lose fat. Constantly doing low-intensity training, otherwise known as aerobic training, like long-distance running, can cause the body to become less efficient at burning fat.

Be more specific with exercise and nutrition. following fad diets and doing general exercise isn't the way to accomplish optimal results.

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