Do you need supplements for your fitness goals?


November 16, 2015
Contributed Whey protein powder in scoop with vitamins and plastic shaker on wooden background

The supplement industry has grown tremendously over the last decade along with the boom of the fitness industry.

Huge marketing campaigns backed by research done by the supplement companies themselves would leave us to believe that it is absolutely mandatory to include them in our exercise regime.

The most common supplements available on the market now are various: Whey protein, creatine, pre-work out and meal replacement shakes. The nutrients available in these products can be found in various whole foods, however at times to get the amounts needed for optimal muscle growth or recovery a supplement could give you the amount needed from a smaller serving.

Common research suggests that one gram of protein is required for every pound you weigh, therefore that would mean approximately five pieces of chicken breasts per day for someone who weighs 125lbs. However this is for optimal muscular development and recovery; for weight loss this would be less.

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With busy schedules, some say finding the time to prepare the correct meals and eating those take up too much time. Therefore putting a powder in a bottle and shaking it is far less time-consuming and convenient to consume the nutrients required to achieve your goal.

I am a great believer in utilising whole foods to make up the majority of your day to day nutritional requirements. I also think supplements should be utilised just as the description suggests; an addition to what is already there, in order to meet optimal levels.

Nutritional supplements aren't needed for everyone, I would strongly advise consulting with a nutritionist or a medical professional before embarking on the consumption of nutritional supplements as they aren't mandatory.

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