Fitness Feature: 3 reasons you have lower back pain

January 25, 2016

Lower back pain has been on the increase over the last two decades. This is due to the fact more and more persons are sitting behind the desk for full working hours. This sedentary lifestyle allows the body to consistently practice a particular posture which shortens the hip flexors and reduces flexibility within the hamstrings.

The human body requires movement in order to keep all muscles firing which in turn reduces the likelihood of pain cause by an inactive lifestyle. Within this article I will list some of the common contributing factors into lower back pain.

Constant usage

An old mattress can cause lower back pain due to not having enough firmness, overtime mattress loses its firmness due to constant usage. If a mattress is too soft, this will prevent the spine from being in a neutral position while sleeping. Experts recommend changing your mattress once every five years.

Worn out shoes can cause back pain by altering your gaits (The way you walk). For example if your shoes are worn to the side, this can vary where pressure moves up the kinetic chain therefore it's very important to replace shoes or rotate them in order to protect your back health.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause muscles to become inactive, for example the glutes get over stretched while sitting which can cause inactivity in this area, leading to muscular imbalances and tightness resulting in lower back pain. Also slump shoulders whilst sitting can pull on your back putting your hip joint and ankles in positions that will further facilitates pain.

This pain can all be avoided with regular exercise and understanding the body so that we can look after ourselves and remain pain free. Check out Sprytraining at for information on programs which can help the unmotivated to become the strongest versions of themselves.

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