Lifestyle & Health - I hate condoms

January 10, 2017


Dear Counsellor,

I hate condoms. I miss the skin-to-skin contact. The condom use is creating a barrier to intimacy between my boyfriend and me.


Dear J.J.,

You can choose not to use the barrier, but then you will have to be sure that you and your boyfriend are faithful to each other - that is, you both have sex only with each other and you must know that none of you are infected with sexually transmitted infections from previous relationships. Can you guarantee that? Yes, the sensation that you feel is slightly less, but people who use condom regularly do get use to this, and the emotional reassurance that the condom brings may more than make up for the marginal reduction is physical sensation.

For more information on condom use, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, call the AIDS/STD Helpline toll free: 1888-991-4444 or write to 'AIDS Affairs' c/o THE STAR, 7 North Street, Kingston.

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