Lifestyle & Health : Afraid to get circumcised

January 17, 2017

Rohan is 24 years old and has been told that he needs circumcision. He is very concerned that this procedure may be unnecessary and might have some bad outcomes.

Over the year, he has been experiencing a recurring problem, where his penile foreskin becomes tight and infected and won't retract (roll over ).

This has limited his sex life a lot. His doctor referred him to a surgeon for circumcision, but he has been afraid to go.

Balanitis is diagnosed when the penile glans (head) or foreskin become inflamed. Poor hygiene, allergy to skin products such as soap or washing powder or even latex condoms can damage the skin and result in inflammation and swelling to the penile foreskin.


Greater chances of infection


An infection with yeast (candida) can also result in balanitis. Sexually transmitted infections do occur to a greater extent in uncircumcised men, but what is also well known is that for men, using a condom reduces all risks of contracting STIs.

When tight penile foreskin occurs, the affected male should lubricate the penis with a water-based jelly and pull the foreskin slowly backwards until full retraction is achieved while the penis is flaccid.

This can also be tried while the penis is partly erect, but the foreskin should be returned to cover the penis afterwards, as the individual will want to avoid possibly cutting off the blood supply to the penis with a tightly banding foreskin.

The penile foreskin also carries sensitive nerve endings which add to the sexual enjoyment, but most men don't notice a significant difference in enjoyment between before and after circumcision.

Of course, the man has usually been undergoing a 'difficult time' before electing this treatment.

In order to prevent swelling and infection of penile foreskin, men should retract the foreskin and wash daily with soap and water. Also, avoid using substances which may be allergenic.

When infected, the appropriate antibiotic for the germ or treatment for yeast infection should be used.

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