Lifestyle & Health : Pregnant and worried about my baby

January 31, 2017

Dear Counsellor,

I recently found out that I'm pregnant, and I think I may be infected with sexual germs.

I'm experiencing pain and swelling in my groin area and pain whenever I urinate. Is my baby in danger?

Pregnant but Worried

Dear Pregnant but Worried,

Yes, your baby may be in danger if you are indeed infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) because you can pass it on to your baby.

Many infants die or suffer birth defects each year because of STIs they get from their mothers during pregnancy or during birth.

You must see a doctor or visit a health centre right away. It is important for your doctor to know if you have STI.

Please be sure to follow the doctor's instructions carefully. Your sex partner(s) must get tested and treated also.

If the symptoms you are experiencing go away, you must still see a doctor because if they go away without treatment, that can still cause problems because the germs remain.

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