Lifestyle & Food : Chicken we a jerk

March 13, 2017
Ready to serve! Samuel Thompson displays some of his finger-licking jerked chicken and festival.
Thompson serves up some festival fresh out the pot.
Rasbert Turner photo Anthony Melvin enjoying some festival from the popular spot.

As one passes the big guango tree near the roundabout at Old Harbour Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine, the sweet smell of jerked chicken stirs the nostrils.

This is as a result of the chicken neck and back being prepared daily on a handcart fitted with a grill on the spot over burning coal.

Samuel Thompson who operates the venture, said the aim is to feed the daily clientele that pass along the busy thoroughfare.

As THE STAR visited the cart laden with crisp chicken parts, persons were there enjoying the day's serving.

"Bwoy, mi love dis ya jerk pan as is here mi able to assist mi family and able to have persons eating daily without having to spend big money," Thompson said.

He said that the community is one where persons are mostly poor, therefore the pricing of the food is important.

"A day time, di chef a our yute so we support him still," Anthony 'General' Melvin said.

Meanwhile, Thompson said he decided three years ago to set up a food spot to help take care of those he loves and though it is challenging, it helps out.

"If a person want a package of jerk neck or jerk back wid festival, it is $200. But if dem just want the meat, it is $150. I tink it is a venture dat help in a positive way and mi a work wid it until tings get better," Thompson said.

The jerk pan provides food for bus drivers, passengers and community persons who support the venture. The consensus is that the food is quite enjoyable, and at a low price.

Melvin was seen enjoying a jerked chicken neck and he expressed his joy on the servings.

"Dis is where I am most days, yuh zeet, and di food settings here really help out. It taste good and even if yu low pon cash, yu eat something," he said.

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