Lifestyle & Health : He wants a better sex life

March 14, 2017

Martin W from a Stony Hill address asks Checkup for some advice on herbal treatment that could be used to improve his sex life.

Herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients have been used over the years to improve men's sex lives by improving sex drive and sustaining a longer erection time.

Listed below are a few herbal remedies for premature ejaculation.

• Ginkgo biloba is a Chinese herb that helps to increase blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, including the penis. It is thought to help with sexual endurance and male vitality!

• She Chuang Zi is another Chinese herb that is said to relax the muscles surrounding the penis and promote blood flow to the penis. Using this herb may prolong erection and delay ejaculation.

• Horny goat weed is an aphrodisiac that is also used to treat premature ejaculation by increasing nitrous oxide levels in the blood. It increases the blood flow to the penis and allows the man to have a larger and firmer erection.

• Tribulus Terristris is a herb used in India and China as a cure for low libido and erectile dysfunction. It increases the male hormone levels in the body, improves libido, and can delay ejaculation.

Please seek the advice of a herbalist about how to use these herbs.

If the suggestions in this entire Checkup article don't work, a physician should be consulted for an initial assessment before referral to a urologist or to a psychologist.

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