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March 21, 2017

Dear Readers,

Sasha is a 22-year-old who writes Check Up from her home in Stony Hill. She recently became sexually active with a young man she hopes to marry in the near future. Sasha says her young man is quite interested in oral sex, but she is not sure about it. She wants to know if oral sex is sinful and if it could cause any health hazards for her.

Sasha, nowhere in the Bible is oral sex forbidden or openly discussed, although some scholars make reference to the Song of Solomon where King Solomon writes of enjoying romantic and passionate lovemaking with his wife, including possibly tasting each other's bodies (Song of Solomon 2-3, 4-16 and 8-2).

God does not seem to be very concerned where you kiss or touch your mate. God is our creator and is responsible for all sensation in our bodies. He intended the relationship between a woman and her mate to be loving, joyful and pleasurable.




Basically, a couple should respect each other's feelings, and you should not feel pressured to participate in a sexual act if you feel uncomfortable with it.

Instead, be kind and respectful of each other and you won't go wrong!

Oral sex refers to the stimulation of one's genitalia using the mouth, lips and/or tongue of a sexual partner. It is commonly practised these days, especially by younger couples who may participate in oral sex before or instead of sexual intercourse.

There is no risk of pregnancy through oral sex, although the sexually transmitted infections can be caught and passed on via this route. The risk is said to be higher if you give rather than receive oral sex. The risk is also higher if the person has cuts or ulcers in his or her mouth. Because of this, it is best to avoid abrading the gums by cleaning the teeth just before oral sex. To make oral sex safer, the male partner should wear a condom.

Some little-known facts about oral sex are:

• Oral sex is linked to an increased risk of developing throat cancer. This is because of the possible presence of the human papillomavirus on the genitals, which also causes cervical cancer and penile cancer. Researchers have found that cancers of the throat and tonsils may be due to the HPV, but if HPV is not present, then the risk is also not present from that cause.

• There is a greater risk of throat cancer in people who have had oral sex with multiple partners.

The bottom line is that if your partner enjoys oral sex but you are not comfortable with it, then he should show patience and kindness to you until you both work things out sooner or later, and not necessarily an outcome which goes his way either. This is not an area of life to nag or to appear insensitive about.

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