Lifestyle & Food : Jerk that keeps customers wanting more

March 27, 2017
Pork sits on pimento wood at Grant's Jerk Centre in Ewarton, St. Catherine.
Carlington Grandison is the man charged with the responsibilty of ensure these items are perfectly delivered to diners.
Keron DaCosta, the jerk pork specialist, at Grant's Jerk Centre at Ewarton, St. Catherine.

Nicola Taffe has been leading a team of persons who have been serving up jerked products that have touch the palates of many persons who travel along the Ewarton main road in St Catherine for more than a bite.

"It is just here I eat every time I am travelling along this stretch of road, and I do that five days per week," said Clifford Wright, a self-confessed 'pork head'.

Taffe said that her most sought-after staple is the jerked pork.

"They really love the jerked pork, but we also sell jerked chicken, sausages and also hog heads. Persons really love it and many say they like how it tasty and they enjoy it. We have customers who come here every day," she said.

The sumptuous jerked meats are served with side orders such as sweet potatoes, green plantain and festivals. Carlington Grandison is the man charged with the responsibility of ensure these items are delivered to diners, while Keron Dacosta's job is to ensure the pork is flavourful and expertly made.

"It provides work for me, so this is very important to me," DaCosta said of his job.

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