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May 31, 2017

Dear Reader,

Christopher is a 25-year-old man emailing Check Up because he has "problems with his erections". That means he has erectile dysfunction.

Regrettably, he does not give details which can be used to help him. When asking for help with problems like this, information is our guide. Is there a problem with erection firmness or is there no erection at all? Is the erection OK, but the ejaculation comes in less than five minutes? This is called premature ejaculation. Prolonged erection but no ejaculation can also sometimes occur, and may be more difficult to resolve.

Check Up will look quickly at the difficulty with maintaining erections. First, is Christopher still able to experience his early-morning erections when he wakes up in the mornings? If this still occurs, then the problem will more likely be emotionally driven as opposed to a physical cause. Where there are outstanding relationship problems with a partner, this is often one issue that is experienced by males. The inter-relationship dynamics will need to be resolved by greater communication with each other and by counselling. At times, the male has issues of self-doubt or even poor self-esteem, which can affect the ability to maintain an erection.

Another problem some young men experience is that they are used to masturbating. The slower pace of sexual intercourse can be a turn off. When this occurs, the male needs to stop masturbating and get more involved with sexual foreplay with their partners, which may also turn them on.




Males usually don't easily become bored or turned off by sex, but this sometimes occurs when couples work hard and have no time to engage in 'fun sex' when they do actually find time for each other. At times, there is disinterest in sex, and a good night's rest seems like a better option. This situation can result in erectile dysfunction! Get rest! Get a healthy lifestyle!

Where no or few early-morning erections are being experienced, the man must be more proactive in hastening to visit his physician. Something internal may be the problem. Men who smoke, men who are diabetic, hypertensive or suffer with high blood cholesterol, and men who have collagen vascular diseases, may suffer with poor blood supply to their male genitalia (penis in particular). When this occurs, the blood circulation to the penis becomes compromised and is insufficient to allow tumescence (swelling of the penis) to occur. To improve this, the underlying illness must be treated, and treated soon, or the condition may become irreversible.

Lastly, almost every man will experience an 'off' time with his ability to become erect. Whether this is softness or full erectile dysfunction, give yourself a little leeway and don't be too horrified if the apparatus is occasionally slower than hoped for. Statistics maintain that in most situations, soon all will be well!

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