Lifestyle & Food : Homestead's chef keeps customers coming back

July 03, 2017
Alton Ennis shows off some of his delicious chicken neck, a favourite among customers.
Some steamed fish to 'build up yuh back'.
Ennis adds the finishing touches as he serves up some steamed fish.
Whether jerked or fried, Ennis can't miss with his chicken dishes.

As one enters Valdez Road in the Homestead community of Spanish Town, St Catherine, the sweet scent of something cooking greets the nostrils.

As you draw a little closer, the sense of sight takes over, and Alton Ennis can be seen busily preparing the day's meals on an open fire under a shed next to a community bar.

"I started to do fried chicken neck and chicken back, but people start ask fi more. So me jerk chicken, roast fish and do different types of soup," Ennis said, while sharing a meal for a hungry customer.

Ennis told THE STAR he built the shed himself to accommodate his fledgling business. He has been operating his 'food shack' for about two years.

The self-taught cook only prepares meals twice a week due to other commitments, but he is desirous to expand the business.

"I love cooking and finds it a pleasure to cook and get the support of the community. I would like to have a bigger place, but I will be keep trying to serve di people," Ennis. said.

Meanwhile, several persons said that Ennis should 'keep di fire burning' in the preparation of their favourite food.

One can have a meal of chicken back and two festivals, or other specials like the chicken neck, for under $200. But Ennis said if customers come with less than that, he doesn't turn them away.

"I will 'try something'," he joked.

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