Check Up : He can't 'get it up' for his side chick

July 05, 2017

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Jon from Spanish Town doesn't understand why he can easily have sex with his girlfriends, but can't hold an erection for long with his main partner who lives with him.

Psychological erectile dysfunction (ED) has several causes, including performance anxiety, stress, depression and guilt. It is possible for several of these conditions to be in play all at once.

While some cases of ED have physical causes, it may be the psychological and physical causes which coexist.

Almost every man will experience ED at some point in his life and an occasional bout of ED is quite normal. There is no need for concern, unless it occurs frequently.

Treating psychological ED will often require the help of a trained psychologist or sex therapist who can help an individual change his mindset towards sex and help him understand the many dynamics which might be influencing the disorder.

There are several physical causes of ED which would affect partners across the board and would not be selective. These include heart disease, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.

These disorders will promote ED on their own or where there are also other emotional predisposing causes which are occurring.




Oral medications provide improvement in ED for many men. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are well known and often prescribed medications which help many millions of men.

These drugs increase blood flow to the penis and allow for an erection in response to sexual stimulation. They do provide some relief with ED, but cannot be used by all men.

They are contraindicated in men with heart disease, liver disease, and men with kidney disease on dialysis, men with low blood pressure and men who take nitrates.

However, the drugs do not cure the underlying causes of ED, which can be so very important to resolution of both physical and psychological disorders.

Some lifestyle help, like quitting smoking, losing excess weight and drinking less alcohol, can also make a difference.

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