Check Up : The benefits of nutmeg

July 12, 2017

A regular reader asks Check Up about the use of nutmegs.

She has often been told by her grandmother to roll a nutmeg in her mouth to help lessen nausea and bad feelings, and also to diminish toothache.

She asks Check Up for some nutmeg health tips. She is a convert already as it does lessen her morning sickness!

Nutmeg is a spice that has a long list of health benefits which include:

-  Giving pain relief

-  Soothing indigestion

-  Detoxifying the body

-  Relieving indigestion

-  Improving cognitive function

-  Reducing insomnia

-  Increasing immune function

-  Improving blood circulation

Adding nutmeg to prepared foods will decrease arthritic pain and pain associated with wounds and muscular strains.

When ground into a powder and ingested, it is said to stimulate the digestive process by promoting peristalsis in the intestine. It also helps reduce constipation.

Nutmeg also contains essential oils which help combat dementia. Nutmeg has an active antibacterial component which helps combat halitosis (bad breath) and boosts the health of gums and teeth.

Nutmeg contains magnesium, which reduces nerve tension and helps relieve insomnia.

The nutmeg used as a paste and added to water and honey can lessen scars and acne and brighten the look of the skin.

It contains an oil, eugenol, which helps relieve toothache, and because of its high potassium content, it boosts the circulation.

Nutmeg should be used only in moderation to avoid palpitations and hallucinations.

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