Patrons took 'time out' for Chicken Back Thursday

July 17, 2017
Fried chicken back

The Time Out Sports Lounge at the Glendon Court Plaza in Old Harbour, St Catherine, was abuzz with entertainment recently with the combined staging of Chicken Back Thursday and Time Out Tuesday.

According to organiser Billy Clarke, the aim was to launch the rebirth of entertainment at Time Out.

"We decide to merge both activities and it has worked well. We have seen that persons just support Time Out, while others are big fans of chicken back."

When THE STAR visited the venue, patrons were seen soaking up the ambience, duly entertained by Glen Stinger on the turntables of the Time Out Disco.

The music delivered was from the '70s, '80s and '90s playbook, so dancing was easy on the feet. However, most patrons just imbibed on the copious supply of alcoholic beverages on sale.

But the event was also a showcase to demonstrate the various ways to prepare the popular chicken back.

Patrons enjoyed it fried, curried, stewed, baked and even steamed. And though the tasty meal was complemented by other meats, the chicken back was king.

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