Check Up: Her breasts are getting too big

September 13, 2017

Lydia emails Check Up from Spanish Town. She is distressed that even though she is not eating much, she is gaining weight and this weight is all going to her breasts!

She asks Check Up "How can I rectify my breast size?"

Lydia does not state her age but there a several conditions when breast size and weight tend to increase. Some of these are hormonally related and the rest due to weight gain (fat) or breast disease.

Breasts are composed of mammary glands, adipose tissues (fat) and connective tissue overlying muscles. An increase in size of any of these components will result in increased breast size.

Some of the conditions associated with an increase in breast size are:
-         Puberty where the increased oestrogen levels in the young female cause the breasts to grow and get bigger
-         Generalised weight gain from poor dietary habits which will result in weight gain to the breasts also
-         After menopause, a significant number of women increase breast size based on hormonal changes
-         Genetic predisposition to large breasts
-         Pregnancy, where there is an increase in both glandular and fat tissues
-         Breast feeding
-         Side effect of some drugs
-         Breast disease

Extremely large breasts can cause both physical and emotional problems. Health problems can include rashes under the breasts, back pain, neck pain, poor posture, and decreased self-confidence.

Women with large breasts can also have a hard time finding well-fitting clothes.

Reducing breast size without the aid of surgery will require self-discipline, healthy lifestyle changes and a possible change in how the person dresses and wears their clothing.

-         First it is important to accept the need to lower overall total body fat which will lead to a reduction in breast size. This will be attainable through both diet and exercise
-         Concentrate on low impact cardiovascular workouts and strength training exercises which target fat in the chest area. Try to tighten the chest muscles and reduce breast size
-         Include in diet fresh fruits and vegetables, ginger, nuts and citrus juices
-         Reduce dietary fats, salt and sugar
-         See if you can change out medications which can result in increased breast size, for example the birth control pill. It is known that taking the oral contraceptive pill can result in breast weight gain
-         If one breast suddenly increases in size over the other, have a physician check the breasts and exclude breast cancer as a possible cause of the increase

Never rule out breast reduction surgery if the large breasts are causing physical problems such as neck and back pain.

But the younger woman should consider breast surgery as a last option as the surgery can affect breast feeding and perhaps, the person might yet grow to appreciate the larger breasts.

Breasts can also be made to appear smaller depending on the clothes which are worn.
-         Wear a sports bra. This is the most basic and comfortable way to hold in the breasts
-         Wear a 'minimising' bra
-         Ensure that the bra worn fits well and is the correct size
-         Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and avoid wearing tops which accentuate the chest area
-         Accentuate the hip area

Lydia, hope this information helps a bit! Good luck with your breast reduction programme!


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