Check-up: Should he get circumcised?

October 25, 2017

Dear Readers,

J.T., who does not speak English, is very concerned that he has been treating his balanitis (infection of the foreskin of the penis) for about eight months unsuccessfully.

As the medication doesn't seem to be working, he is now, very sadly, considering permanent removal of the skin (circumcision).

He really doesn't want to undergo this procedure and is asking Check Up for advice.

J.T., are you visiting your doctor regularly to have the condition checked at intervals? Are you taking your medication as prescribed? If there is no improvement, then have you tried getting a second opinion from another doctor to make sure that the correct diagnosis has been made?

Do you wash and clean your penile foreskin every day? Especially if it is infected, it will become wet and easily swell in hot weather.

Wash your genitals often, dry them properly, and wear open, loose underwear, not jock straps or briefs!

Try and avoid sex until the penile foreskin is healed. The friction during sex doesn't help healing! Also, ask your sexual partner(s) to get a checkup with the doctor and treat any disorders found.

Check that you don't have diabetes for this can cause a chronic yeast infection of the penile foreskin.

Surgery is not often needed for treatment of balanitis but is an option when the condition seems chronic and if penile phimosis is also occurring where the foreskin swells tightly and constricts the shaft or penile head.

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