Patra puts sexiness in food - Sexy jerk pork a hit with customers

November 27, 2017
Lady Patra's sexy jerk pork is a hit with customers.
Lady Patra.
A bus conductor makes a quick stop for some of Patra's sexy food.
Sexiness on display at Lady Patra's food stop.


Dancehall artiste-turn-chef Lady Patra said bus drivers and conductors can't get enough of the 'sexy' jerk pork she serves at her at Chateau 7 gourmet jerk centre, located on Hermitage Road in St Andrew.

Patra, whose given name is Dorothy Smith, said her sex appeal is what sets her 'sexy jerk pork' apart from others, and it has bus operators' tongues wagging.

"It's all natural and plus I am cooking it, so that is where the sexy comes in," Patra said. "The way I think and the way I act, the sexiness is reflected in the food."




While taking a break from music, Patra studied culinary arts and discovered her knack to prepare tasty food.

"I was travelling through my music and doing events for governments in Nigeria and all these countries, and then I started finding interest more and more in unique food. But what I was more interested in is people who take the food straight from the farm and just cook it right away, and I developed the skills," Patra said.

But Patra believes that even with the skills she developed, she wouldn't have pulled in local customers, and even tourists, without the 'sexual flavour' that she adds to her meals.

"The sexy pork, the conch soup, pepper pot soup, the sexy jerk chicken, all of it is the sexy thought which set them apart from others," Patra said.

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