Check Up: Laugh lines are not funny for her

December 20, 2017

Cheryl asks Check Up how to get rid of laugh lines which she sees forming on her face at the corner of her eyes and around her mouth.

She thinks these lines make her look older and they seem more pronounced since she recently lost weight.

Laugh lines are the creases which form at the outer corners of the eyes, and the sides of the mouth and they seem more pronounced with laughing.

These can be given to an individual through genetics but are often due to ageing and over exposure to sunlight! Sun screen is very useful in preventing these lines from forming but once formed, the treatment is:

- Facial muscle exercises
- Concealer cosmetics

There are exercises which can be performed to minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, particular exercises which target the cheek muscles. Place fingertips over laugh lines and apply firm pressure, then smile as widely as possible with the lips separated.

Hold for five seconds then relax and repeat 30 times daily. Smiling against the resistance strengthens the cheek muscles, lifts the skin and minimises the creases (laugh lines) around the mouth.

For the eyes, place the thumbs near the corners of the eyes with fingers resting on top of the head. Close the eyes tightly and slide the thumbs away from the eyes towards the temples. Relax and repeat 10 times daily.

Medically, laugh lines such as crow’s feet around the eyes are treated with Botox injections. Skin peals and laser treatment are also used to treat laugh lines around the mouth although a good cosmetologist can work wonders!

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