Check-up: Traumatised following robbery

April 16, 2018

Elaine was held up by a gunman outside her home when she got out of her car to open the gate recently. Fortunately, she was left unharmed as the neighbours drove up, and the gunman ran off. She has been having problems leaving the house alone or even driving her car since then. She asks Check Up what she should do. She visited a doctor, who said she was experiencing PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and gave her some tranquillisers, but they are not working. She thinks the problem is actually worsening.


This could be PTSD or Elaine could be developing phobias because of her terrible life-threatening experience. In either case, she may need counselling, therapy, and perhaps different medication - and for a longer period of time - as she works through her experience. Elaine should visit an experienced and empathetic doctor, who will see that she obtains the necessary emotional support and medication to see her through this difficult time. She should speak with a psychologist or psychiatrist, if needed, to ensure healing.

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