Check-Up: The truth about breadfruit

April 23, 2018

Maya asked about breadfruit. Does it have any nutritional, value? Someone told her it's just fibre and water but she likes her roasted breadfruit, especially when the breadfruit is a little overripe and slightly sweet.

Far from that! The breadfruit is a fruit related to jackfruit and fig. It's a staple food which can be roasted, baked, fried or boiled for consumption. It is known to have both medicinal properties and health benefits.

- It is a source of potassium, and is heart-friendly.

- Dietary fibre in bread fruit helps reduce cholesterol by preventing its absorption from the gut

- It lowers bad cholesterol and elevates good cholesterol.

- Breadfruit contains anti-oxidants which helps with resistance against infections and gets rid of free radicals which cause ageing and cancer.

- Fibre in breadfruit inhibits absorption of glucose in the gut and helps control diabetes.

- The fibre also aids in proper functioning of the bowel. It helps prevent heartburn, acid reflux, gastritis and ulcers. It helps prevent colon cancer.

- It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which assist with heart, joint and mind care.

Breadfruit also has skin benefits. It is known to reduce inflammation when applied to the skin. The pap from the breadfruit tree can be applied to eczema and psoriasis rashes to settle outbreaks. Breadfruit is said to nourish hair. The omega 3 and 6 which it contains help to reduce hair breakage, dandruff and itchy scalp.

Breadfruit also contains a high content of magnesium, which helps to relieve insomnia and prevent muscle contractions. Eating breadfruit makes you feel full without a huge intake of calories, which is good for restriction in weight gain.

Crushed breadfruit leaves applied to the tongue is said to help treat oral thrush.

Allergy to breadfruit is rare, so enjoy your breadfruit!

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