What is a healthy lifestyle?

March 04, 2019

Dear Readers,

Shereen is an office receptionist at a Kingston business who says she is ‘fluffy’.

Her most recent visit to her doctor has revealed that both her blood pressure and blood sugar are mildly elevated.

She has agreed with her doctor to try changing her diet and eating habits, as well as exercising by walking at Emancipation Park most days and maybe joining a gym.

Her doctor referred to life style changes. Shereen is ask ing Check Up, what really is a healthy lifestyle?


The term refers to how you should live your life to be the healthiest you can be, to have the healthiest body and mind, and to feel good about life and be happy!

The ideal healthy person doesn’t smoke, drinks alcohol minimally, eats healthily of fruits, vegetables, grains and small meat portions (if any meat), drinks several glasses of water daily, exercises regularly and gets six to eight hours good quality sleep most nights.

A healthy person has learned how to manage stress!

What is also important is that we don’t need to make all the necessary changes at the same time. Instead, we can make small change every few days. Make a plan.

Try using less butter on your bread and none in the Irish potato. Water down sweetened juices to cut the sugar content in each glass.

Eating a healthy diet not only assists with weight management, but improves your health and quality of life as you grow older.

Exercise means movement. It doesn’t have to mean the gym. Walk more each day. Don’t try to park next to the shop, but be content to park at a distance and walk.

Or, just clean out the house or work in the garden fixing what has been left undone for months! Remember, moving about more and burning more calories will:

- Improve your joint stability.

- Reduce your risk of heart disease.

- Prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

- Improve your mood and prevent depression.

- Prevent stroke and diabetes

- Increase range of motion of your joints.


Even a small amount of weight loss can lower blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as lowering your cholesterol.

Becoming someone who lives healthily can be achieved without drastic changes in your life. Make small changes to your diet and exercise habits over a period of time, knowing that you will need to feel comfortable with these changes, as you’ll be practising them for the rest of your life if you are successful with your effort.

So what are we seeking to achieve? A person who:

- Thinks positively.

- Knows how to relax.

- Maintains a healthy weight.

- Eats a balanced healthy diet.

- Exercises regularly.

- Has good relationships.

- Doesn’t smoke.

- Maintains a balanced life.


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