Exotic dancer beaten at club

October 01, 2015


Bjorn Burke

Star Writer

A local strip club owner has come under heavy scrutiny lately following allegations that the owner physically abuses employees on a whim, THE STAR has learnt.

The proprietor reportedly assault dancers at the club if angered about their work ethic.

Now tongues are wagging following voice notes posted on Facebook supposedly chronicling the drama between the proprietor and the ex-employee.

In the first voice note, posted by a woman, who is believed to have been employed to the exotic club, a slew of insults presumably aimed at her former boss can be heard. Shortly after, she spoke about the alleged assault.

"Mi nuh business, me tell dem weh [expletive] happen because mi nah hide it," the angered woman said. "Mi tell dem say she lick me ... and she lick mi wid [expletive] pot and sinting ... but who, she fi remember say she have [expletive] pickney and a gyal pickney she have ... Leave out mi name, mi not coming back to you place miss, mi not coming back."

second voice note

In a second voice note, adding fuel to the alleged strip club abuse saga, the proprietor fired back.

"Somebody please tell that [expletive] fly by night pitch by day cockroach that she has never been a [expletive] topic. And if Shandy* know what good fi her, she cease and [expletive] desist," the owner said. "Vomit, mi never want yu inna mi [expletive] club. You could a never come back inna any a mi [expletive] club dem."

Several calls to the proprietor of the strip club proved futile.

When THE STAR contacted the police, an on-duty officer said: "I have no knowledge on the matter sir, so I would not be able to provide a comment."

Subsequent checks did not reveal any reports being filed about the incident.

* name change

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