Fined for drugs

October 01, 2015

Fined for drugs

Rasbert Turner

STAR Writer

A St Catherine man held with more than six pounds of ganja was fined when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court recently.

He is Lamar Sinclair, 30, a labourer from Spanish Town. Sinclair pleaded guilty before Resident Magistrate Llyle Armstrong.

He was fined $10,800 for possession and $21,600 or 30 days' imprisonment for dealing in ganja.

He attempted to challenged the dealing, but was told by the clerk of court that once he plead guilty and the drug is over eight ounces it is automatic that he admitted to dealing.

The court heard that Sinclair was stopped and searched and six and a half pounds of ganja found in his possession. He was subsequently arrested and charged with possession and dealing in ganja.

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