Guy proposes during monopoly game


October 05, 2015

Guy proposes during monopoly game

A guy proposed to his girlfriend with a home-made Monopoly board.

Justin Lebon recreated the popular game with a chance card that said "will you marry me?" with a dice that would only allow his partner Michal Ott to roll a seven and lead her to the card. He explained on Imgur: "I handed her a pair of loaded dice. They would only allow her to roll a 7 - the number she needed to land on Chance. That's where I put the 'will you marry me card?' She reads the chance card out loud '... Will you marry me?' And then said, 'Is this real?!'" He then dropped on one knee and pulled out a ring from a secret compartment in the board. Luckily, Justin's lover Michal was impressed by his gesture and said yes.

104-y-o yarn-bombs her town

104-year-old granny is one of the oldest street artists in the world.

Grace Brett covers Scottish landmarks in her hometown of Selkirk with her knitting creations, including park benches and telephone boxes. Grace - who has six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included - I didn't think it was good enough. I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else and thought the town looked lovely."

Woman strips during heated argument

A Chinese girl stripped naked in a shopping centre because her boyfriend didn't buy her the latest iPhone.

In a video posted on YouTube - now viewed by 1.2 million people - the angry Chinese lady is seen arguing with her partner before taking her clothes off in front of hundreds of shoppers and proceeding to push him before walking away. It's not known if the fuming female ended up getting the Apple iPhone 6S product, but she will, no doubt, have a fight on her hands to keep her man.

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