Santa clause to run for mayor


October 08, 2015

Santa clause to run for mayor

A man named Santa Claus is running for mayor in the North Pole.

The 68-year-old man - who legally changed his name from Tom O'Connor in 2005 - has filed for candidacy in the town in Alaska, having previously served as the president of the North Pole Chamber of Commerce. Despite his bid being real, Santa has become a viral since announcing he was running for the position, having gained more than 300,000 likes on a post on his Facebook page. He wrote: "To my friends in North Pole, Alaska: This Tuesday, please write me in on your election ballot and vote for me for North Pole City Council at North Pole City Hall. Thank you."

Couple fined for dropping cherry pips

An elderly couple have been "terrorised" by their local council for dropping cherry pips in a park.

Peter Marsh and Gillian Green from Deal, Kent, southeast England were enjoying their favourite fruit at a nearby park but left some of the pips on the ground under the bench, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. The couple were stopped by council enforcement offers and handed a PS160 penalty for littering. Peter said: "We ate no more than 15 cherries between us and put the stones at the base of the tree. "When we left to continue shopping, we were approached by two men who were quite intimidating. We thought they were policemen. They separated my wife and I and were very forthright in demanding identification."

Sky high rent to sleep in 'kitchen'

Six people are battling it out to rent a single bed in a kitchen for PS1,083 a month. has revealed a post uploaded to its website advertises a "shoeboax studio" apartment which features sleeping quarters for one, a hob and a sink, in London's Old Street.

What's more, they say half a dozen seekers are competing to rent a double room on the market at an average price of PS692-per-month in London. Meanwhile, the site has urged renters to look "just outside of London" where a detached three-bed house located in Shenfield, Essex, is just a shy 23 minutes away from Liverpool Street Station and costs just PS795 per month.

crane fly invasion for the UK this winter

It's a "bumper year" for daddy long legs.

The creepy insect known as crane flies are set to invade houses in the UK this winter because of the warmer winter last year. Entomologist Barry Warrington told The Daily Telegraph newspaper it's a "bumper year" for the cousins of spiders. He added: "It has not been as cold, there is a lot more for them to prey on. "People will start to see them even more in the last couple of weeks as they head indoors for warmth, shelter and to find a mate.

"The mild winter we had last year has had a long term effect - a lot of animals that would usually be curtailed by the cold weather simply aren't."

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