Weird News: Man makes video game to propose to girlfriend

October 10, 2015

A man proposed to his girlfriend by making her a video game. LA Pike create the 2D game which his partner Lauren had to complete to get the message.

He explained on social media site Reddit: "I built a video game for Lauren with levels based on some of the best memories from when we were dating.

"This was good because it was easy. If you're a better programmer than me (which is very likely!), I'd recommend doing whatever you are most comfortable with." And gamers from across the community praised the creative fiance. Masters 1125 wrote: "You locked your future behind a water level? That's true bravery." Swiss Kabob added: "Congratulations. That's awesome!"

Katie 'Horror' Hopkins will be the star attraction in the Containment Zone at Thorpe Park resort during Halloween. The TV personality has been voted Britain's scariest celebrity and as a consequence a costume version of the controversial star will scare visitors at the theme park's new horror maze. Anne Robinson was voted the second scariest female celebrity whist Pete Burns and Gordon Ramsay got the top two slots for the scariest British males. The realistic 'Katie Horror Hopkins' Halloween scare masks and costumes will be available to win at the resort during their Fright Night season.

Man launches rockets stuffed with birds

A man launched a rocket stuffed with birds during a political protest. Two birds died, some flew away with party flags tied to their necks and others were scorched or injured after being packed into a firecracker and attached to the explosive, which was set off at the rally in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh in south-east India. Leaked video footage has shocked the public, although some birds escaped milliseconds before the rocket exploded mid-air. Inspector Prasada Rao said to local media: "We are studying the video footage. "The culprits who put the two pigeons in cones will be soon arrested."

A man trying to escape from police drove into the sea. The unnamed man - who was thought to have nicked the car he was driving - stopped on the sand dunes near Perth, Australia, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. Police thought they had caught him until he slammed on the accelerator and plummeted into the sea. However, he didn't get very far as the vehicle's wheels got stuck in the sand and he had to climb to safety on top of the car.

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