Cops not doing enough - Missing photographer's family unhappy with investigations

October 12, 2015
File Niketa Thomas

The family of popular photographer Niketa Thomas, the operator of, has expressed discontent with police's investigations into his disappearance.

Thomas and his cousin went missing last week.

Since filing a missing persons report at the Half-Way Tree Police Station on October 5, the family say they have largely been left in the dark as police have not kept them abreast of their probe.

Now, the family has sought to assist the police by staging a sensitisation activity today on Cassiadene Road in Kingston. Persons are asked to wear white and assemble at 10:30 a.m. at the football field in the community.

"Maybe I am impatient or I expect the police to come with information faster, but I am not comfortable," said Everton Thomas, brother of the missing photographer. "We are planning to go into the area where my brother was last seen with some flyers, with a group of people and to see if we can get something from the community. Just to sensitise the people."

The sensitisation exercise is an effort in which he hopes will encourage persons with information to come forward as the search for the photographer continues.

"We need people to see that he has family and he has friends and if anybody knows anything, we want them to feel free to call the police. If they don't want to call the police, they can contact us," he said. "There are several people who have been affected by the disappearance of these two persons."

The family remains overwrought as they wait. Niketa's brother told THE STAR that this past week has been a nightmare.

"Everyday that goes by, it has been trials and tribulations. My mom is totally devastated right now," he said. "My mom has broken down so many times and every time I see her in that state I wonder what next to do. Sometimes she begs for a corpse because she can't deal with the unknown feeling."

A policeman involved in the investigations said police have been working to ensure that no stone is left unturned in their probe, he said.

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