Weird News| Cat survives 400 feet fall!


October 12, 2015

Cat survives 400 feet fall

A cat has survived a 400ft fall. The lucky pet slipped off the crumbling cliff at Birling Gap in Eastbourne, East Sussex, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. The poor animal was found by National Trust staff, who took it to a local vet to be treated for a fractured jaw and broken tooth.

A spokesperson for the veterinary surgery said: "He is making a full

recovery. He avoided any serious damage to any of his limbs but has some injuries to his face. We think he must be quite some way from his home as, from his demeanour, he clearly isn't a feral cat."

Band makes world-ending music

A band is trying to end the world with their new album. Norway-based Gazpacho have revealed one of their new tracks, Molok, will feature a sound, which, when played through correction software on CD players, will generate a number.

This number, if matched with the position of electrons, could end the world. Dr Adam Washington from the University of Sheffield explained: "The random signal produced by the end of the disk contains enough bits of information to express a measurement of the total number of fundamental particles present in the universe. If the noise actually contained such a measurement, and that measurement was performed rapidly enough, the universe's total particle count could be fixed under the quantum."Drunk man calls cops after sex refusal

Drunk man calls cops after sex refusal

A drunk man called the police after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

Patrick Doggett from Spartanburg in South Carolina reportedly dialled 911 when his partner Faye Woodruff refused to sleep with him, the Daily Star newspaper reports. When the cops arrived at the couple's home, they found Patrick drinking outside and he was subsequently arrested for drinking in public.

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