Man chops farmer's cows

October 13, 2015

Man chops farmer?s cows

Bjorn Burke

STAR Writer

An enraged farmer accused of chopping two cows belonging to another farmer had his bail extended when he appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate?s Court last Thursday.

Charged with malicious destruction of property is Trevor East, 54, of the Rose Mount District, Lawrence Tavern in St Andrew. He pleaded guilty.

The Crown alleged that on September 11, the male complainant tied his cows on his farm and on his return the following day, he discovered that two of them were chopped across their backs. The total value of both cows is roughly $200,000.

According to reports, East, who had been living in England since 2002 returned home to Lawrence Tavern in 2011. East reportedly grew crops including plantains, bananas and pumpkin on a section of his two-acre property. It said however that East and the complainant had a longstanding dispute regarding the complainant?s cows which make their way onto his property destroying the crops. Things took an unlawful turn when East was seemingly up to his wits? end, using a machete to chop two of the complainant?s cows that were caught damaging crops on his property. Immediately following the incident, East made a report to the police and he was subsequently arrested and charged.

When cautioned by officers, East reportedly said: ?I tired of warning the man to keep the animals out a mi place.?

In court, Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly-Williams ordered both the complainant and East to participate in a mediation session at the Corporate Area Probation Office.

East is scheduled to reappear in court on November 6, at which time he is expected to report if the matter has been resolved.

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