Famous Celia's baby taken away

October 14, 2015
File Famous Celia

Famous Celia, who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on September 19, had no clue that her bundle of joy would be taken away.

According to reports, Famous Celia - an outspoken woman who rose to stardom after being caught on video ranting and raving about issues of the moment - was deemed unfit to care for the child.

After gaining quite a bit of attention on social media, the Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland, native managed to capture the hearts of several viewers who sent donations to her friend, Ted Brown, to build her a home,

alleviating her destitution. Several others sent funds to ensure the safe arrival of her baby.

social workers

Things got sour, however, when social workers arrived at the hospital weeks after the baby's birth with a court order authorising them to take the child.

While the details surrounding the alleged decision taken by the Child Development Agency (CDA) remain sketchy, Brown speculates that the baby was taken as a result of Celia's

inability to properly care for the child as a result of her own unspecified mental challenges.

The matter is to be mentioned in the family court, but Celia's family believes the child should go to a home with which he is familiar.

Celia and Brown remain distraught. Celia's grandmother, Barbara Clinton, 45, told THE STAR that she would like to care for the child, however, she

cannot afford to do so at this time.

"Mi can't take no young baby right ya now. If me take the young baby, who look bout me? Who mind mi little boy?" she said. "It hard fi know say mi a go sit down with a young child and mi have to work!"

The family awaits the court hearing to learn the baby's fate.

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