Weird News| Vagina looking pizza goes viral

October 17, 2015

A supermarket's "rugby ball-shaped pizza" went viral because it resembled a woman's private parts.

The tasty treat was created in honour of the 2015 Rugby World Cup but was quickly mocked online for it's unsavoury appearance. One Twitter user wrote: "Morrisons, what is it up with this pizza? (sic)" Writing about the Morrisons product, another said: "Think someone needs to have a word with the Pizza maker at Morrisons! We're no pizza experts but that ain't no 'ball' (sic)"

McDonald's in Brazil has made the world's cheesiest burger.

The fast food chain have released the Grand Cheddar McMelt which features a mouth-watering two patties stacked in double buns and enough melted cheese to make your heart stop. And that's not all, as they also have the Super Cheddar Bacon, which has a single burger with bacon as well as lashings of cheese.

However, the calorific treats are only available in Brazil and have not yet been developed elsewhere.

A dad asked for a cake from Costco for his birthday and his kid went one further and got him a cake of Costco.

The unnamed person posted an image of the cake on Reddit alongside a caption, which read: "Dad asked for a cake from Costco so I just gave him a cake of Costco instead (sic)."

The wholesale-warehouse replica cake features the Costco logo, miniature shopping trolleys and a receipt made from white icing sugar, with the words "Happy Birthday Daddy" next it.

A new bikini has been launched which helps to clean up pollution in the sea.

The Sponge Suit bikini has been invented by the University of California, which came first in the Reshape15: Wearable Technology Competition. The swimwear is made from a sponge, which can clean up substances including oil, chemical spills and can even desalinate water and is capable of absorbing 25 times its own weight.

It was invented by electrical engineering professor Mihri Ozkan who enlisted the help of Eray Carbajo to turn the smart idea into a wearable item.

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