Drop in electricity bills this month - JPS

October 21, 2015

Jamaica Public Service company customers will see a reduction of more than seven per cent in their electricity bills this month, as the entity passes on savings from reduced fuel prices to its customers.

In a release, the light and power company says this month, customers will see a 7.21 per cent decrease in bills, as the Fuel & IPP Charge on bills for October is $11.58 per kilowatt hour (kWh), compared to the charge of $13.75 per kWh applied to September bills.

This means that the total cost per kWh of electricity is now at a 10-year low of 22 US cents or J$26.19, the release said.


Therefore, a customer who consistently uses 165 kWh per month, will be paying $340.33 less for his bill this month, compared to what he paid last month. This customer will pay $4,378.27 for the 165 kWh of electricity used, as against the $4,718.59 that was paid in September for the same usage.

"The Fuel Charge on electricity bills changes each month, depending on the cost of the oil that JPS and other power generating companies buy to produce electricity," the release said. "The charge has been positively impacted by lower fuel costs and improved efficiencies in JPS' operations."

JPS continues to urge customers to use energy wisely, as the final bill amount depends on how much energy is used. Persons are also being reminded that they may check the company's website at www.myjpsco.com or speak with a representative for information on energy conservation.

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