Weird News: Polar bear shocks migrants

October 21, 2015

A polar bear gave migrants travelling from Calais a shock. A group of migrants trying to get to the UK on a lorry got the surprise of their lives when they entered the fast-moving heavy goods vehicle and came face to face with the caged animal called Nissan.

The bear was travelling from Eastern Europe and was heading for Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. A Yorkshire Wildlife Park spokesman said the migrants had jumped into Nissan's lorry near the Calais lorry park recently. Nissan made it to the park safely, however, the migrants only lasted 10 minutes before being thrown out by French police.

A Dutch photographer has been transforming strangers' cars with cardboard boxes.

Max Siedentopf, an artist from Amsterdam, calls his latest project 'Slap-dash Supercars'.

Talking about his masterpieces, he told Metro newspaper: "We live in a time where individuality, self-expression and status are at an all-time peak. "However, for some reason, the individualisation of one's car has drastically decreased over the past few years.

"I tried to think of a way to make the most ordinary cars, for just a few euros, into their own supercar."

Max announced his new project on Insta-gram, writing: "I present to you my latest project: Slapdash Supercars. In the early hours of the morning, I went around Amsterdam to upgrade a few cars for just a few euros. All car fanatics and cheapskates check out the series here." (sic)

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