Community service for stealing phone

October 23, 2015

A St Catherine woman who stole a cellular phone that was the property of the Ministry of National Security was sentenced to 200 hours of community service with supervision.

She is Michelle Leachman, 34, of Damhead, St Catherine.

Attorney-at-law Tashoi Watson made an application for a non-custodial sentence. Resident Magistrate Llyle Armstrong said the accused pleaded guilty, got a good social inquiry report, and made restitution, which have all gone in her favour.

The court heard that on February 23, a policewoman went to the Angel's Shopping Centre to conduct business.

While there, her handbag fell and a government-issued Blackberry phone valued at $25,000 fell from the bag. An investigation was launched and the phone was tracked to the home of the accused. She was subsequently arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

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