Workers injured after building collapses in Montego Bay

October 29, 2015
Alan Lewin photo Sections of the two story building at Fairview in Montego Bay that collapsed yesterday injuring several workmen.

Several persons working on a two-story building that was under construction were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay yesterday after a large section of the building collapsed on them.

The building, which was under construction at the Fairview Park in Bogue, St James, gave in after heavy afternoon showers helped to put weight on the heavy concrete decking. Several employees on the site, who were putting concrete on the decking, were rescued from the mangle by two units from the Freeport Fire Station.

Curious lookers later gathered with cell phones trying to capture photos of the incident. There were also rumours that there were fatalities as a result of the incident, but there were no such report from the police.

Meanwhile, a security guard employed to the site was tight-lipped about the incident. Instead, he warned persons to stay away from the property. Workmen with tractors and other equipment were also kept busy removing the wet concrete and debris that resulted from the collapse of the building.

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