Man freed of murder


October 30, 2015

A man who was charged with murder was freed this week after the woman, who had an intimate relationship with the accused and the deceased at different points in time, gave a statement to the police that the accused acted in self-defence.

Attorney-at-law Able-Don Foote of the law firm Knight, Junor and Samuels, who represented Jevoughn Box, applied to the court for a no-order to be made in the murder case.

Foote argued in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court, St Catherine, that the sole eyewitness for the prosecution made self-defence a "live issue" in her statement. He described the murder case against Box as "a love tale gone sour".

gain control

Box and the deceased, Shawn Henry, at some point in time, shared a relationship with the eyewitness, which led to a confrontation between the deceased and the accused on September 19, 2015.

It was alleged that the deceased pulled a knife from his waistband and attempted to attack the accused. The accused was kicked and afterwards fell to the floor and the knife fell from the grasp of the deceased. The accused Box managed to gain control of the knife and used it to defend himself waiving it to restrict the deceased. The deceased received a cut to the neck.

Box ran off to nearby bushes and hid from a mob, which came on the scene afterwards.

The accused turned himself in to the police and was charged with murder.

Foote said self-defence was absolutely "a live issue on the prosecution's case based on the instructions received and on the statements disclosed by the prosecution".

Resident Magistrate Tara Reid-Carr upheld the application and made a no order in the case.

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