Suspended sentence for fake lawyer

November 12, 2015

Nelson Quarrie, the man who pretended to be a lawyer and collected millions from unsuspected persons, was given a two-year suspended sentence in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

Quarrie was given a stern warning when he appeared before Resident Magistrate Horace Mitchell.

Mitchell told Quarrie that being a lawyer is more than a fantasy.

He told him that his actions were criminal, and that he is being given a second chance so he should make good use of the non-custodial sentence.

Quarrie was informed that he did not waste the court's time and made restitution, hence he was sentenced to two years hard labour suspended for three years.

Quarrie appeared in the court last Friday and made restitution of $200,000 to one complainant. The court heard that he collected the money to regularise a piece of land for the complainant.

Allegations are that for years Quarrie tricked people into believing he was a lawyer. He is said to have convinced his

victims by wearing 'lawyer's apparel'.

Quarrie is also said to have appeared in courts all over the island and represented many 'clients'.

His fraudulent act was uncovered after he was approached by a senior lawyer whom he told that he was trained at the Norman Manley Law School. Checks made revealed that he was never trained as an attorney.

He was held by Detective Corporal Nadine Smith of the Spanish Town police during an undercover operation in the old capital, in March 2013.

He was represented by attorney-at-law Keith Bishop.

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