Lottery scammers not scared - Players say 'Do di Math' campaign won't succeed

November 13, 2015

"Me haffi make US$2M before me stop, so until me reach deh so, me nah stop," was the response of one scammer to the news that the Ministry of National Security launched an anti-lottery scam campaign this week.

The 22-year-old male who admitted to THE WEEKEND STAR that he is involved in lottery scamming, says the "Do di Math" campaign launched by Minister Peter Bunting will not be a deterrent to his illegal activities.

According to Bunting, the intention of the campaign is to show the corrosive impact that scamming has on Jamaicans and Jamaica, and is expected to be concentrated in western Jamaica.

However, the two scammers who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR said a social campaign against their activities will not cause any real change.

The 22-year-old who is based in western Jamaica said the persons who enjoy the proceeds of the illegal activity will continue to see lottery scamming positively.

"Scamming feed mommy, sister and girlfriend and dem fren. MoBay a di capital a scamming; dem think a campaign going to make people stop seeing scamming as a get rich ting? Dat impossible," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

A scammer based in a rural area also rubbished the intention of the campaign.




"My conscience nah go bother me cause if me forced to do it (scamming) cuz a poverty, wah go mek that change?" asked the scammer, who has been a part of it for two years.

The scammer, who intends to make two million dollars from lottery scamming before quitting, said scammers in western Jamaica will change their tactics with the news of this announcement.

"Weh me a go do is change me location that me do me work (make calls abroad) and lay low," added the scammer, who claims to have made US$500,000 from lottery scamming.

His counterpart from rural Jamaica also expressed similar intentions, stating that unless the police can end lottery scamming in western Jamaica, there will be no end to it overall.

"Until they can stop it in the big part (western Jamaica), dem cah stop it in small areas like this (rural Jamaica)," he said.

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