Montego Bay vendors seek help after fire

November 20, 2015
Alan Lewin photo Cartaker Barry Wilson walks through the rubble that was left as a result of the fire at the Old Shoes Market in Montego Bay in July.

On July 24, fire destroyed over 40 shops at the Old Shoes Market that is located at Creek and Harbour streets in Montego Bay, causing several million dollars in damages.

Looters also helped themselves to some of the items while the shops were under fire. Since that incident, several vendors, are finding it difficult to rebuild their shops. Only four of the vendors have replaced their shops so far.

Daunett Rhodes, who operated three shops in the market, said: "I lost several million dollars worth of goods, and since the incident, no one has come forward to offer any assistance. We are left on our own. At the moment, the place need some repairs and the politicians who are in charge for the area offer no assistance, and we are having it hard in the market to make sales. We need some help in the market."

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