Bearer goes missing with $8.5M

December 07, 2015

An investigation is on in earnest to locate a St Catherine man who is missing with more than $8.5 million he was sent to collect.

Reports are that on October 30, 2015, the man, who was employed as a bearer, was sent to collect US$65,000 (J$7,767,500), plus J$800,000 from a client. Communication returned to his employers that he collected the money in question and left the location.

After waiting for hours and not seeing or hearing from the employee, a physical check was made at the location in the Portmore Mall, where the motorcycle he reportedly rode to the location was still there. A number of calls to his cellular phones rang without an answer.

It was revealed that the company's cellular phone was found discarded at a section of the Portmore Town Centre. As a result, a report was made to the Waterford Police Station and investigation was started.

It is said the police made numerous attempts to contact the man in question, however, their efforts have proven futile so far.

When The Star contacted the Waterford police, a senior investigator said that a report has been received and investigations are ongoing. He said that the case is yet to be "classified", but the team is following tangible leads.

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