Residents fleeing Salt Spring

December 09, 2015
Contributed Otis Ellis

Several residents of Salt Spring in St James are now fleeing their homes as a result of the constant killings that are taking place in the community on almost a weekly basis.

But while the residents are fleeing, mostly with their clothing, burglars are taking advantage of the opportunity to rob and vandalise their homes, looting mainly appliances.

Some residents who spoke with The Star, said they have nowhere to run to, as over the years they have worked hard to build their homes and made a foundation, so it will be totally impossible for them to flee and live on the streets. The ones who can do better are either with friends or families.

The latest killing that plunged the community into its state is the killing of robot taxi operator, Otis 'Breezy' Ellis, 45, of Repasture Lane in the community, who was shot and killed last Friday morning, while transporting several students to school.

Police reported that sometime after 7 a.m., Ellis' car was ambushed by gunmen who opened fire on him. He ran from the car into a house and was chased and shot by the men. Resident rescued the schoolchildren and called the police. A bullet was found lodged in one of the books being carried by one of the students.

One resident said: "I expect more killings to happen before the end of the year as it is a long standing gang feud."

The residents are calling on the police to patrol the area on a regular basis, and try to bring some calm to the community. Almost 200 people have been killed in St James since the start of the year.

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