Lisa Hanna will not be a judge at Miss World 2015

December 11, 2015

Minister of Youth and Culture, The Honourable Lisa Hanna, has indicated that she will not be participating in the 2015 Miss World competition, where she asked to be a judge on Saturday, December 19, 2015.


According to a press release sent to the STAR, Hanna's decision was prompted by the most recent incident involving the Child Development Agency's removal of 34 wards of the state from the Sunshine Child Care Facility in a manner that breached the rights of the children.


Hanna has stated that this situation needs her attention and as such she will not be leaving the island at this time.


"I would not feel comfortable leaving at this time knowing that the actions of a few within my primary agency responsible for child care and protection acted in such a manner,” the statement read.


“Subsequently, there are certain actions that I have taken and others that I am taking to remedy the situation which needs my oversight on the issue concerning the nation’s children,” it continued.


The statement also disclosed that Hanna who has remained close to the Miss World Organization and the organisation’s CEO, Julia Morley over the past two decades, spoke with Morley yesterday to convey the information.


Hanna said Miss Morley was disappointed but understood her stance and encouraged her.


“I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity that I had of being Miss World to represent Jamaica and the world in 1993.  I send my best wishes to the reigning Miss Jamaica World 2015 Dr. Sanneta Myrie and all the contestants at the pageant.”


Lisa Hanna, 40, won the Miss World pageant in 1993. She is currently a two-term Member of Parliament for South East St Ann .

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