9-year trial postponed again

December 14, 2015

The trial of Richard Duhaney for the murder of his wife, was again postponed nine years after it came before the St Catherine Circuit Court.

Dead is Velma Duhaney, 37-year-old from Portmore, St Catherine.

When the matter was mentioned in the St Catherine Circuit Court recently, it was put off.

The defence was informed that other matters have taken precedence and as such it has to be postponed. Duhaney's bail was then ordered extended until May 2016.

Allegations are that in March 2006, the headless body of Velma Duhaney was found in bushes in Waugh Hill District, Sligoville, St Catherine. An investigation was launched by the St Catherine North police.

Duhaney was subsequently arrested and charged with murder by Detective Inspector Derrick Ball.

Presiding judge was Justice Viviene Graham-Allen.

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