Marvalyn Kerr: The female tyre repair specialist

December 15, 2015
Marvalyn Kerr removes a tyre from its rim at her River Bay Road shop in Montego Bay.

Marvalyn Kerr is well-known among motorists in St James. More popularly known as Marcia, she is the only female who does tyre-patching in the parish.
She repairs and changes tyres, from the biggest to smallest of vehicles, on a daily basis.
Born in Mount Salem, Montego Bay, she inherited the skills from her late father, Newson Kerr, who, in the early 90s, was located at the Barnett estate complex. Her father moved to Fairfield Road until his passing a few years ago.
Marvalyn who gained experience from her father, decided to continue with the business. She relocated to Ranny’s Garage, River Bay Road.
Marvalyn’s customers have since increased so much that she is expanding her business place.
She recently bought high-tech machinery to modernise her business. She said one of her sons is interested in helping her.
With 20 years of experience, she hopes to be healthy to continue for 20 years and beyond. She has a contract to repair tyres for all police and fire brigade vehicles in the parish.
Musicians and entertainers can be seen at her business place, waiting to get tyres repaired.
“I want to thank all the people who have supported me in the years gone by, and hope to improve my business to please you all,” Kerr said.




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