Robber killed by licensed firearm holder

January 05, 2016

A 23-year-old man who attempted to rob a licensed firearm holder was fatally shot on Monday evening along a section of Chapelton Road in Clarendon.


The dead man was identified as Roshane Blake otherwise called 'Markie' of a Chapelton Road address.


It's reported that Blake was shot after he grabbed a chain from the shooter's neck and attempted to escape by jumping over a fence.


Blake's body was removed from the fence by the May Pen police who processed the scene.


The police have confirmed that he was wearing a mask and a 9mm pistol firearm was recovered from his person.


As onlookers gathered on the scene, a woman who was said to be Blake's mother said she has worked hard to provide for her children and she didn't expect that from him.


"A nuh likkle try me try with him enuh, mi a hustler and mi do mi juggling fi look afta dem" she shouted.


Police investigations continue.

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