Mobay Mayor promises to bolt manhole covers

January 07, 2016
Michael Troupe
Alan Lewin photo A man walks past one of the many open manholes in Montego Bay. The Deputy Mayor, Michael Troupe, plans to cover them and bolt them.

Deputy mayor for Montego Bay, Michael Troupe, said he has counted at least eight missing manhole covers from various sections of the Second City, and he is now threatening to have to remaining covers bolted so that they remain in place.

"During December 2015, leading up to the Christmas period, we counted eight missing manhole covers from the streets of Montego Bay," the deputy mayor said.

When asked if anyone could give account for the constant displacing of these covers, Troupe was quick to point out that it was unscrupulous persons who stole them, but he could not confirm the purpose for which they were stolen.

Several citizens have fallen in some of these open manholes with some suffering minor injuries, but no major report was confirmed by the parish council. In light of the thefts, Troupe said he will be getting new manhole covers installed, especially along sections of St James Street which is most affected.

"I am trying to have all the open ones covered as it is now back-to-school time and children always gaze on excitement, and may fall in them," he said, adding that the manhole covers will be bolted down so that they will not be easily removed.

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